The city of Dallas has the third worst youth poverty rate in America. Poverty has a direct link to crime (public safety), anger (domestic violence), unmet needs (sexual exploitation) and so many other life altering negative outcomes. As a Team Mom, Go-Getter, Game Changer and Youth Organization your success could mean life or death for so many of us, our loved ones and even you. The only way to effectively reduce youth poverty is to empower the youth through financial literacy and equip them with money making opportunities.

The Team Moms Challenge was created in order to level the playing field for our youth in Dallas. They are the true backbones of organizations because of their faithfulness, natural intuition of caring, creativity, fortitude to make progress, intellect, and get it done mindset. Based on those qualities team moms have all the ingredients required to stand up, protect and save our children and the time is now. So, thank you in advance for accepting the challenge.

Team Moms Recruit your TEAM

A minimum of 10 Go-Getters who LIVE, WORK  or PLAY in Dallas that values you and cares about the children. Each Go-Getter will recruit 100 individuals between the ages of 18-45 to join their team and become Game Changers. Each Game Changer will take a pledge to be a Youth Advocate and Accountability Partner. After taking the pledge, the Game Changer will do the following two tasks:

Task 1

Join the Team Moms for Make Dallas One City Facebook Group Page

Task 2

Participate in Showtime at the Polls by voting in the June 8th City of Dallas run-off for the candidate(s) that pledge to provide the requested funding and resources for our youth. In the event you cannot vote in the June run-off because of your current address, background or not registered, then you must act as an Honorary Game Changer for this specific task. * See Honorary Game Changer definition below. Please take pictures as you fulfill your Honorary Game Changer role and share those pictures in the group.


Honorary Game Changers are individuals that cannot vote in the June 8th run-off for any reason but agrees to identify and take 5 people to the polls that will support the candidate(s) that supports our youth.

As a Youth Advocate you agree to vote for the elected official (s) that agree to provide the following to participating youth organizations: 

  1. $28,000,000.00 in funding to support 100 Dallas based Youth Organizations in the following areas: 

  • Financial Literacy Training

  • Youth entrepreneurship training and implementation providing $500.00 per month in earned income opportunities for each participating youth

  • Organizational staff support (2) coaches $50K annually and (1) admin $38K annually

  • 100 Passenger Vans (1) per participating organization


   2.  $150,000,000.00 in matching funds for the construction of:

  • A World Class Multi-Purpose Complex situated in the Southern Sector that encompasses the Arts, Sports and Training space.

As a Accountability Partner you will participate in the firing process of:

  • Any Elected Official (s) that agreed to support and does not honor their commitment. 

  • Any Elected Official that votes against the proposed funding for our youth.


The firing process comes in two forms by recalling them immediately or voting them out during the next election cycle.

  • A recall election (also called a recall referendum or representative recall) is a procedure by which, in certain polities, voters can remove an elected official from office through a direct vote before that official's term has ended.

  • Vote them out the next election cycle