Senseless Violence Reduction and Prevention Plan


Make Dallas One City in collaboration with iTHINK Solutions, and other community partners will implement My Backyard.  My Backyard is a practical, innovative, viable, and data-driven solution that seeks to address senseless violence by spurring economic development in low to moderate income communities, thus making them safer. My Backyard will encompass skills training, workforce development, business development, and most importantly develop self-worth and provide hope.  Participants will be called Community Activators and My Backyard will be initiated in the highest crime area of Dallas. 


Make Dallas One City understands based on primary data My Backyard will create value for individuals that are most apt to embody the generational curses of hopelessness and struggle in America. Individuals will have opportunities within their communities to receive training in communication, analytical thinking, supervisory, civic responsibilities, Bookkeeping, Inventory Management, IT, Logistics, and Project Management.


Make Dallas One City believe that by teaching young adults to fish and their civic duties, responsibilities, and rights as citizens, it propels them to be productive and conscientious citizens. Finally, the sponsored Activators will have the knowledge to teach, inspire and possibly convince their fathers, brothers, uncles, and male cousins to become community conscious citizens. To learn about civic duties, view the following link:



Develop 10 Small Businesses - Real Estate Development Companies

  • Each company one will have 4 partners ages 16 through 25


Remodel 10 Single Family Homes and sell them to one of the following:

  • First Time Home Buyers

  • Veterans

  • Single Moms 

  • Restaurant/Hospitality Employees 

  • Small Business Owners with 1 to 3 employees 

Remodel 1 Commercial Real Estate Strip with a minimum of three units for start up businesses. The strip mall will be named - Progress Plaza Anchor Store will be a Donut Shop for two primary reasons:

  • Donut shops have low cost products but consistently yield a positive cash flow, the Anchor can cover the monthly debt for Progress Plaza.

  • It will serve as a community hub for social connections and dissemination of information. 


My Backyard will deliver the following: 

  1. 40 new entrepreneurial-minded black males ages 16 through 25 in Dallas County.

  2. 10 Newly Remodeled Single Family Homes 

  3. 1 Newly Renovated Commercial Strip Mall - Progress Plaza 

  4. 10 Business Accounts 

  5. Quickbooks and (3) IT Certifications 


iTHINK Team Established in Dallas by Jan 15th, 2020 

Private Partners and Executive and Integrity Teams identified 

Recruit, Screen Applicants, and Start Training Participants by Jan 30th, 2020 

Launch marketing campaign to acquire qualified participants 

Acquire Training Properties by Feb 28th, 2020 

Training properties will be acquired from the City of Dallas, local real estate agencies, and for sale by owner opportunities. 

Complete Renovation of Training Properties by Sept 30th, 2020 

Renovation of all 11 properties completed, the 10 single families homes under contract for sale, and Progress Plaza 100% occupied. [The timeline is longer than normal based on the teaching and training aspect of the project.] 

Expected Outcomes  

iTHINK theorizes, based on primary data, that My Backyard will inspire more spending with local businesses and the desire for individuals to own a home who never thought home ownership was possible. The wording was very intentional to say never thought versus thought they could never own a home. The wording speaks to the mindset of those who have lived in low to moderate or underserved communities their entire lives. Self efficacy with respect to financial security will be elevated. Impact will be evaluated by the increases in tax revenues from the targeted communities and decreased calls for emergency services involving violent crimes.

My Backyard will create value for individuals that are most apt to commit or be victims of violent crime in and around the Dallas  metro area. Each one of these individuals will have received training in Plumbing, HVAC, Electrician, Masonry, Bookkeeping, Inventory Management, IT, and Project Management. They will be offered an opportunity to acquire certifications and licenses in the industry that interests them most.

DALLAS America's Best City 

Dallas, based on its central geographical location, bigger than life persona, diversity and open arms mentality, has all the ingredients to be America’s Best City.

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