About Making Dallas One City

Make Dallas One City (MDOC) is a conscious effort of individuals and organizations to make Dallas America’s Best City. The individuals and organizations includes those who have benefited from the city, taken from the city, were born in the city, migrated to the city, contributed to building up the city, contributed in tearing down the city, lives in the city, plays in the city, works in the city and most of all those who truly love the City of Dallas.  

We believe all women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

MDOC Mission

Our mission is to make Dallas America's Best City by Making Dallas One City. 


MDOC Vision

Our vision is to make July 7th, the official MDOC day, a city-wide holiday. This will always allow us to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice for Dallas and to continually provide a platform for the people of Dallas to chase greatness. 

DALLAS America's Best City 

Dallas, based on its central geographical location, bigger than life persona, diversity and open arms mentality, has all the ingredients to be America’s Best City.

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